Uli Wumpa

A monster for use in 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons :

A seed from beyond the stars, its original name is unknown. The ancients called it the Herald of Pestilence. On its own plane, it is known as the Uli Wumpa.

In its natural environment, the Uli Wumpa is the base of the food chain, its immense growth rate kept in check by the plane’s fauna and flora. On worlds more habitable than its own, the Uli Wumpa is a calamity; its excessive metabolism has suffocated entire worlds.

Features :

Hivemind: Each Uli Wumpa is a massive network of thousands of lesser creatures. By using pheromones and genetic instructions, the Uli Wumpa brood operate for the good of the entire genus. Depending on the needs of the environment, many different kinds of individual Uli Wumpa may evolve, some extremely specialized, but every spawn is slave to the hivemind’s will to feed and grow.

Adaptations: The Uli Wumpa evolves very rapidly and has infested many different worlds, even traversing the harsh astral planes. When exposed to a new hazard, the Uli Wumpa immediately begins building those resistances. An elder Uli Wumpa can transition from one environment to another in seconds, even single parts of its body can transform independently. A hivemind will often use its young to investigate approaching danger so it can prepare itself.

Seeds: An Uli Wumpa seed is heavily armored and can lie dormant for thousands of years until exposed to a habitable environment.  When hatching, the outer shell is pushed open by the brood squirming within. A typical brood contains 20 - 30 spawn. If removed from the presence of an elder Uli Wumpa, the entire brood will select a single biomass to plant themselves in to germinate a new Uli Wumpa hivemind.


Adult Uli Wampa

Level 3 Solo Controller                                                             XP : 750

Large Animate (Plant)

Initiative +1                  Senses Tremor sense 20

HP 200; Bloodied 100 (see bloodied rage)

AC 18; Fortitude 20, Reflex 16, Will 17

Speed 0

Hivemind : All spawn are connected to the Uli Wumpa, communicating its senses to the rest of the spawn.

Vine Whip : (standard; at will) Reach 8 + 6 vs. AC; 1d8 + 4 plus 1d6 poison damage.

Spore Blast : (minor; at will) Close blast 5; (target sprout) +4 vs. Reflex; 3d6 + 4 poison damage and the target is weakened (save ends).

Cosmic Fury : (standard; at will) The Uli Wumpa makes 2 vine whip attacks against a single target. If both attacks hit, the target is swallowed.

Swallow : (standard; at will) The Uli Wumpa attempts to swallow a medium or smaller creature. +4 vs. Fortitude; On hit, the target is swallowed and restrained (no save). 5 acid damage at the start of the Uli Wumpa’s turn. The swallowed creature can make melee basic attacks only and only with a one-handed or natural weapon. After dealing 10 damage, target cuts a hole to escape through. Its fortitude closes hole immediately afterwards.

Sprout Spawn : (minor: at will) Close blast 5; Spawns a sprout in an unoccupied square within the burst.

Bloodied Rage : When the Uli Wumpa becomes bloodied or its Watchers are defeated, the Uli Wumpa gains an additional Standard Action each turn.

Alignment Unaligned              Languages None

Str 18 (+5)                Dex 13 (+2)              Wis 8 (+0)

Con 18 (+5)              Int 14 (+2)                Cha 4 (-2)


Adult Uli Wumpa grow in roughly two weeks. They are one fourth the size of their elder kin but still weave a network of roots up to two miles from the main body. An adult Uli Wumpa appears as a bulbous pitcher wreathed in long, limp petals of reds and yellows. Its thick stem grows covered in sinewy vines that dig deeply into the ground.


Adult Uli Wumpa attempt to swallow less pointy targets first, focusing its Cosmic Fury on those taking the high ground or keeping at range. It spawns as many Sprouts as possible to wall itself from melee attackers and makes liberal use of Spore Blasts that would hit multiple players. 

When Bloodied Rage is active, the Adult Uli Wumpa stuffs as many players as it can down its gullet.


Note to DM:

As the Uli Wumpa has no movement speed, it should be fought in an enclosed area. This location could be a number of things—from the crater where it crashed down, a temple built around it by foolish lizard folk or even a mad wizard’s lab, his experiment gone awry. For the most part, 4th Edition D&D focuses a lot on miniatures and combat. In this setting, players will be more likely to engage bosses in a standard combat affair and keep fighting until it’s defeated. This also means players can become stagnant, using basic flanks and holding tactical positions for the duration of the encounter. Use lesser creatures, like the Sprout, to deny tactical locations and to keep players from staying out of range.


Uli Wumpa Sprouts

Level 1 Minion                                                                                  XP : 25

Small natural animate (plant) 

Initiative +3                     Senses perception +1

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion

AC 15; Fortitude 12, Reflex 14, Will 12

Speed 6

Hivemind : All spawn are connected to the Uli Wumpa, communicating its senses to the rest of the spawn.

Sprout Nip (standard; at will) : +5 vs. AC; 4 damage.

Brood Swarm (standard; at will) : An Uli Wumpa Sprout gets a +4 bonus to attack rolls against targets that are grabbed by Uli Wumpa.

Alignment Unaligned                 Languages None

Str 10 (+0)               Dex 16 (+3)            Wis 16 (+4)

Con 18 (+5)             Int 2 (-3)                 Cha 4 (-2)