Coaching will return in late September

Heroes Coaching

A one-on-one scheduled lesson. Perfect for new, returning, and active Bronze through Gold League players looking to improve their personal performance. 

  • 1 hour coaching session

  • 1080p record of the lesson

  • Notes including links to any referenced resources

All lesson times are Pacific. Check back weekly for new time offerings.

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Since 2015, I have taught over 300 individual lessons while reviewing over 500 replays. I have learned the most effective way to help players is to thoroughly understand their gameplay experiences and give them the most efficient tools to advance their performances. After our time together, you will walk away with a plotted map of how to make notable improvements specific to your league and roster.

What is Heroes of the Storm Coaching?

Coaching is a scheduled one-on-one meeting via voice.

In the one hour coaching session, we work together to discover the best avenues for immediate improvement. This is an interactive, hands-on approach to learning. You only need bring questions and have fun.

What happens in a typical lesson?

The lesson structure is unique based on your skill level and individual goals. Everyone wants to win more, and for some, this is accomplished by reviewing your replays together. For others, the time is better spent in-game working on mechanics, positioning, and control. If this is your first lesson, expect to spend time discussing your draft roster and overall map win rates.

At the end of the lesson, you will receive a written copy of my notes and a 1080p recording of the lesson.

Do I have to have a HOTS Logs account to have a lesson?

No. HOTS Logs pulls data from thousands of users and will already have some information on your profile. However, by making an account and running the uploader, you ensure this information is accurate. An updated account helps me diagnose your current skill level before we even meet, saving us time in the lesson. Register for an account here.

Can I order a lesson with a non-US account?

Yes. Replay files work across all regions.