News: 8/13/19

Howdy Team!

Welcome to the first week of placements in the first official season of Storm League. We hope all of your placements went well and you're having a lot more fun now that demotions and promotions are done away with!

Kyle and I continue on our League journeys. Kyle is picking up more healing through Rehgar while tanking on Johanna still remains a solid choice for Diamond 2/Diamond 3. We're even seeing a lot of Masters joining our games, resulting in some really close matches and great advice that, when applied, further pushes us into the higher ranks. Gold 4/Gold 5 is a much different beast where assumptions end up killing us more than helping. While one-sided games seem a bit more common, it's all useful information that we can apply to get better and move upward (hopefully soon).

Kyle Explains and DM Gives Inspiration released their first postmortems this week. After ten episodes of each, Kyle is going to take a step back to plan the next ten episodes, dividing them into seasons. This will allow the both of us to bring you better episodes as well as push the quality of the content regularly. This next update invites you to send over topics for Kyle Explainsand will introduce book reviews to DMGI.

Finally, Talking Pictures Alliance now has the Batman & Robin episode decided. Join us Monday, August 19 at 7PM Pacific for the record!

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News: 8/6/19

Howdy Team!

This post's videos are from the final week of Storm League Preseason as well as the placement games from today! Turns out even with rank now equally matching MMR, both Kyle and Kristen maintained their ranks, hinting that rank and MMR were not too far off. We also discovered an interesting little tidbit. After placing, both took on a ranked game and found a flat 200 either added or subtracted from the rank total without any kind of adjustment. We'll continue to test out rank matches to see if this trend continues or if the game simply needs more data than four total ranked games.

Kyle Explains summarizes the Mixer talk from last week surrounding streamer Ninja. What does it mean for Twitch? What does it mean for the future of video game streaming in general?

In DM Gives Inspiration, mailbag number two rolls out some great questions that have come in since the first one. Some of the topics include calculating and tracking time in your campaign, keeping track of debuffs and buffs, and rewarding play with something always happening.

Finally, Talking Pictures Alliance had to reschedule to this Sunday! If you still haven't caught the masterpiece that is Batman & Robin, now's your chance to partake in 90's movie culture at its finest.

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News: 7/30/19

Get ready for the new season launching next week! Recently released notes highlight a lot of the changes that will be implemented. Among them are some fan favorites that have been a long-time coming, including rank being tied directly to MMR and only three placement games!

Also released this week was the latest Hero of the Nexus! Qhira is a unique character developed specifically from Nexus lore. She is a melee assassin with surprising regen and a Spider-Man-like movement capability. Though weak to CC and hardly as tricky as Tracer or Genji, her ability to reposition enemies and deal explosive damage to single targets will make her a Hero to watch going forward.

Kyle Explains remains space-bound this week, discussing asteroids and the one that passed by Earth only a few days ago. In DM Gives Inspiration, he takes on two topics that often come in pairs: things to consider DMing your first campaign and how to run one successfully online.

Finally, Talking Pictures Alliance is this Sunday and will take on that classic film Batman & Robin. Don't miss out on this cool conversation about one of the most chill Batman movies to date.

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News: 7/23/19

Diamond 1 remains defended even though we are running into some wacky matches and the occasional tilt. Luckily this is pretty rare, but it's still sobering to see at such high level of play. We are also running into JHow quite a bit since we stream at the same time and are hovering around the same league.

Speaking of, be sure to catch ITN this week. With Garrett out of town, Kyle and JHow will be discussing last week's patch notes as well as finding the balance between how to play a map correctly and how to play a map based on your team's choices.

Kyle Explains looks back 50 years to discuss the Apollo 11 moon landing, the science surrounding it, and the politics that helped make it a reality. In DM Gives Inspiration, Kyle discusses different ways to deal with player character death as well as how to use deities in such situations to make your campaign even more enticing. Be sure to also check out Audible for a free audio book download. This week, Kyle recommends Sabriel by Garth Nix and voiced by Tim Curry.

This week, we shifted gears by putting Kristen in the HotS driver's seat. We finished our placements after a bit of a rough go and are settled snugly in Gold 4. With Nazeebo as our main, Kyle coaches and discusses builds as Kristen focuses on mining that gold.

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