News: 8/21/19

Howdy Team!

It's been fantastic hearing so much feedback about everyone's games. It seems there have been amazing moments coupled with sad defeats - all par for the course in HotS.

This past week, Kyle maintained the mantle of Johanna but stuck his toe in the stew of Stitches. While he may find the brute disgusting, there's no denying this tank's amazing ability to just keep going.

Kristen's games exhibited taking what was discussed the prior week and applying it to the games for great success. However, one cannot have yin without yang. Balance is necessary. While we managed to secure two great victories, failure did rear its ugly head. Dare you stare into the abyss?

Season 2 of both Kyle Explains and DM Gives Inspiration kicked off this week! From the Endangered Species Act to travelling in a campaign setting, be sure to check out these tantalizing tidbits.

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