News: 8/27/19

Howdy Team!

We continue on our exploration of Diamond and Gold League! Up in Diamond, Kyle's been seeing a lot more variety when it comes to drafting. While Johanna is still a favorite, Rehgar is quickly taking up the mantle of being the new top dog in town. With this switch to a less rigid roster, we're also beginning to see a positive swing in our climb.

Gold is just as wacky as ever but Kristen is expanding her roster so that she, too, can climb higher than ever. Safely situated in Gold 4/Gold 5, we're coming to find that while Nazeebo is often a great map pick, Ragnaros is far more powerful than he should be. Li Li and Jaina also make appearances from time to time, but enemies just can't stay away from Rag's spicy meatballs.

This week on Kyle Explains, Garrett challenged Kyle to try and explain just what the heck is going on with poor Spider-Man. With 15 minutes to do so, Kyle gives the quickest rundown of one of the messiest legal situations regarding a superhero.

In DM Gives Inspiration, Kyle takes on resting and watches, something that led him down a very interesting rabbit hole of research. Here's how to successfully implement rests and watches without frustrating yourself or your players.

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