News: 7/23/19

Diamond 1 remains defended even though we are running into some wacky matches and the occasional tilt. Luckily this is pretty rare, but it's still sobering to see at such high level of play. We are also running into JHow quite a bit since we stream at the same time and are hovering around the same league.

Speaking of, be sure to catch ITN this week. With Garrett out of town, Kyle and JHow will be discussing last week's patch notes as well as finding the balance between how to play a map correctly and how to play a map based on your team's choices.

Kyle Explains looks back 50 years to discuss the Apollo 11 moon landing, the science surrounding it, and the politics that helped make it a reality. In DM Gives Inspiration, Kyle discusses different ways to deal with player character death as well as how to use deities in such situations to make your campaign even more enticing. Be sure to also check out Audible for a free audio book download. This week, Kyle recommends Sabriel by Garth Nix and voiced by Tim Curry.

This week, we shifted gears by putting Kristen in the HotS driver's seat. We finished our placements after a bit of a rough go and are settled snugly in Gold 4. With Nazeebo as our main, Kyle coaches and discusses builds as Kristen focuses on mining that gold.

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