News: 7/30/19

Get ready for the new season launching next week! Recently released notes highlight a lot of the changes that will be implemented. Among them are some fan favorites that have been a long-time coming, including rank being tied directly to MMR and only three placement games!

Also released this week was the latest Hero of the Nexus! Qhira is a unique character developed specifically from Nexus lore. She is a melee assassin with surprising regen and a Spider-Man-like movement capability. Though weak to CC and hardly as tricky as Tracer or Genji, her ability to reposition enemies and deal explosive damage to single targets will make her a Hero to watch going forward.

Kyle Explains remains space-bound this week, discussing asteroids and the one that passed by Earth only a few days ago. In DM Gives Inspiration, he takes on two topics that often come in pairs: things to consider DMing your first campaign and how to run one successfully online.

Finally, Talking Pictures Alliance is this Sunday and will take on that classic film Batman & Robin. Don't miss out on this cool conversation about one of the most chill Batman movies to date.

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