News: 8/6/19

Howdy Team!

This post's videos are from the final week of Storm League Preseason as well as the placement games from today! Turns out even with rank now equally matching MMR, both Kyle and Kristen maintained their ranks, hinting that rank and MMR were not too far off. We also discovered an interesting little tidbit. After placing, both took on a ranked game and found a flat 200 either added or subtracted from the rank total without any kind of adjustment. We'll continue to test out rank matches to see if this trend continues or if the game simply needs more data than four total ranked games.

Kyle Explains summarizes the Mixer talk from last week surrounding streamer Ninja. What does it mean for Twitch? What does it mean for the future of video game streaming in general?

In DM Gives Inspiration, mailbag number two rolls out some great questions that have come in since the first one. Some of the topics include calculating and tracking time in your campaign, keeping track of debuffs and buffs, and rewarding play with something always happening.

Finally, Talking Pictures Alliance had to reschedule to this Sunday! If you still haven't caught the masterpiece that is Batman & Robin, now's your chance to partake in 90's movie culture at its finest.

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