News: 9/10/19

Howdy Team!

Hope you like tanking! Kyle is seeing amazing progress now that he's added not only Stitches but E.T.C. to his tanking roster! It's become a very clear game of Rock, Paper, Scissors based on each tank's capabilities. Johanna is still our main gal but Stitches' health pool and E.T.C.'s mobility cannot be underestimated. Simply counter draft the enemy and you've got yourself an easy GG... unless Alarak goes AI.

In Gold Coaching, we are now firmly nestled in the upper half of Gold 3 but certainly not without a fight. If you're looking for a game that exemplifies the crazy that you can only see in Gold, check out Big Q Turn Around. Once again Ragnaros proves his worth as a golden powerhouse.

THE FIRST DMGI COMPANION IS HERE! Check out this awesome rundown of a monster of the month, an entertainment inspiration, and upcoming topics.

In the DMGI podcast, Kyle addresses the how, what, where, and when of loot. If you find yourself with any questions for Kyle, the next episode is a mailbag. Head on over to the contact page of Kyle's website and shoot your thoughts his way!

Kyle Explains takes a jump off of this week's DDoS attack on WoW Classic, breaking down what, exactly, that is and how it can be prevented.

FERGLING UPDATE: Please note that there will be scheduling changes within the next few weeks. We plan on sticking to the posted schedule until the little one makes his arrival. Once he does, we'll take a week off. Kyle will return to podcasts the week after that and streaming will resume two weeks later.

Schedule for September 10 - September 16 :

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  • Tuesday - 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Heroes (SL / Balance Release)

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  • Thursday - Random Streams

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Other Shows :

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