News: 9/3/19

Howdy Team!

If you were hoping for some roster switch ups this week, Kyle's got you covered! Johanna, though still coveted, is finally taking a bit of a breather as we pull out the tankiest of them all - Stitches! A nasty boy all around, Kyle found that heavy poke teams tear Johanna apart but if they're poking into something with a health pool that just won't quit, there's no trouble.

Kyle's Gold coaching continues with some off tank Li Li work and a bit more Ragnaros as Kristen not only practices filling but also staying true to picking better Heroes for certain maps. While we all wish we could play our favorite Hero every time, it's important to understand how to use them efficiently and effectively as well as recognizing when they have a hard time performing up to snuff.

Finally, ITN has some fantastic news! Garrett and Kyle are taking over HotSLogs!! Expect a more in-depth conversation this Thursday about the site. However, if you're looking for a bit more info, Garrett posted an update over on Reddit.

THE FIRST DMGI COMPANION IS HERE! Check out this awesome rundown of a monster of the month, an entertainment inspiration, and upcoming topics. 

Speaking of DMGI, this week goes over combat, but not in the way you think. As fun as dictionary definition rundowns are, Kyle throws his spin on how to use it in your games.

Kyle Explains embraces Kyle's love of space with a really fun historical description of humans and their understanding of and interactions with the planet Venus.

FERGLING UPDATE: Please note that there will be a few scheduling changes within the next few weeks. With the little fergling due any day, we still plan on sticking to the posted schedule until he makes his arrival. Once he does, we'll be taking a week off. Kyle will return to podcasts the week after that and streaming should resume two weeks later.

Schedule for September 3 - September 9 :

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